Invisible Disability Essay

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Did you know that there are 34.2 million that have functional limitations (17.5%). And 48.9 million of the non-institutionalized civilians, have a disability (19.4%). Those percentages alone are a lot but combined they are 36.9% (that's just the USA).

I believe that disabled people should be able to be a part of society because they have been treated cruelly. Plus some disabled people only have a bit difficult. And for some with barriers they have to face people without disabilities can help.

Throughout history the treatment of the disabled has been different from normal people.
In the 1800’s, people that were disabled resided at home and were cared for by their families.
According to society’s attitude toward people with disabilities,
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According to disable world “Generally seeing a person in a wheelchair, wearing a hearing aid, or carrying a white cane tells us a person may be disabled. But what about invisible disabilities that make daily living a bit more difficult for many people worldwide.” This quote proves that they can still do things by themselves so they don't need lots of help. Nearly 10% of america's population have a disability that’s considered a invisible disability. As stated by disabled world “Invisible Disabilities are certain kinds of disabilities that are not immediately apparent to others. It is estimated that 10% of people in the U.S. have a medical condition which could be considered a type of invisible disability.”I think this quote shows how people might have a disability that they don't know about but that still could be there. Also for nearly 1 in 2 people born in the U.S have a chronic said by disabled world “Nearly one in two people in the U.S. has a chronic medical condition of one kind or another, but most of these people are not considered to be disabled, as their medical conditions do not impair their normal everyday activities.” This shows that for every child born there a chance of 2 having a chronic medical condition. People with invisible disabilities are disabled but that doesn't mean they can't do things by

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