Persuasive Essay On Ipads

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Our technology is far more advanced than ever before. Apple’s iPhone, Google Maps, Cloud computing systems and so on, have been widely successful. These technological innovations are utterly beyond our understanding. The world never remains unchanged, and also our styles of education are changing rapidly. In Japan, there are some elementary school students who learn to write Kanji with their own iPad. In the past few years, using digital tablets on elementary education was almost unimaginable but it seems that they have become accustomed to this new style of education and it has become increasingly common in Japan. However, most of the elementary schools in Japan are not ready for implementing iPad in the classroom. Someone may argue that there are various demerits of studying with digital tablets. Digital tablets kill children’s curiosity, motivation and opportunity to study. However, is this really so? The reality is that children can be super-productive with their iPad by improving children’s curiosity, motivation and opportunity to study.…show more content…
For instance, Google Maps and Google Earth. Those are really useful in stimulating children’s intellectual curiosity. For children who cannot afford to travel around, those are the only ways to see what the actual world is, and with Street View, they can readily step into a virtual reality world which is one of the newest technologies. Those technologies are always fascinating children and also those are always open to them. Therefore they can interact with those attractive technology anytime with their digital devices. In other words, with Google Maps and Google Earth, children can expand their world views, and ultimately, they may have an ambition to see the whole world by their own eyes. Therefore digital tablets can stimulate intellectual curiosity, motivation and opportunity to
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