A Short Summary On How To Stop Feeling Jealousy

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Jealousy is relatively simple to understand once it is broken down into smaller pieces that reveal the underlying processes and emotional rules.

Simply put, jealousy is trying to control another person so they don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable, for example; if he looks at other women this fires off unwanted emotional reactions in me based on beliefs about my own shortcomings or low self esteem.

Envy is different from jealousy; jealousy usually involves three people, whereas envy is more about wanting what others have or desiring a certain lifestyle or physical
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Stop comparing yourself with others, feeling less than or more than, stop judging yourself. Recognise that if you don’t love and respect yourself it will be hard for you to think that others could love you either (even if they really do.)

The low quality and unhelpful self-beliefs that jealous people foster start a chain reaction that begins to devalue themselves. It makes them compare themselves with others and they come off worse thus further fuelling their fears and doubts about being loveable.

There comes a time where you may say enough is enough and look to get some form of therapy or coaching for your low self-esteem and so you can begin to trust yourself (and others) again.

Essentially what a jealous person is saying, is, without that person I won’t be happy! This is placing all of your happiness in the hands of somebody else, they can make you happy and they can take it away

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