Persuasive Essay On Jesus

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It is just unfortunate that in one way or another every one of us falls in this category which is not a good category to be in we find ourselves in a category of being upset or upsetting others knowingly or unknowingly. Depending on the gravity of the issue please ignore whoever is busy making you hurt or be brave to have a chart with them if they ever listen or simply act mature if you are not able to ignore them. Whatever choice you make do not allow the enemy to push you in a situation where you get upset, too upset that you are not even able to pray, this too is called sin and we have to hate sin but sticking and learning to be self controlled people of God will help us a lot throughout our lives. But thank God Jesus Christ died on cross…show more content…
Because once we accept Jesus in our lives as our Lord and Saviour we try and imitate Him. He is our friend and companion for life but when we sin, sin separates us from him. This does not mean that we do not qualify for eternal life but we do not want to live a life without Jesus by our side. People who are friends with each other do not do opposite things but try and copy from each other. We need to copy how Jesus lived; He was pushed many times by wrong teachers and Pharisees but His self-control was just amazing. He knew just what to say to who; He was such amazing leader; and walked with confidence and never allowed the devil to take away what He had. Bust us? Well, we can never live without sin this is how Paul said but what we can do is when we fall into sin we have to be quick in getting things right. Go to our Heavenly Father and apologise and ask Him self-control. When we sin we become miserable any way, have you noticed? When we do not do the will of God we tend to lose focus which makes us miserable. It happens a lot to me when I sin, I feel miserable so do not worry if you fall into sin as long as it makes you miserable the Holy Spirit is always there to uplift us and we will eventually conquer sin as Jesus did but we also have to practice self-control in order to
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