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Joe Giudice has been an inmate at the Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution for about a week and already things are looking up for the TV reality “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star. He had five months taken off his sentence already.
Originally, Joe was to serve 41 months in jail, which meant he would be released sometime in August 2019. Now it is looking like his freedom could come as early as March 14, 2019. The early release time is being figured for his “good time” or good behavior. Joe earns 54 days of “good time” for each year that he is sentenced. Of course, if he does something he should not while in prison, they can take away his “good time” days.
While this should be good news for Joe, it is tinged with some uncertainty on his future. Joe faces deportation to his native land, Italy
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I mean, my daughter Milania tells me, ‘You’re going away for a lot more months than mommy.’”
It is not certain if they understand about his possible deportation to Italy though and it cannot be easy for his daughters.
Joe Giudice had planned on a much earlier release and believed that he would only serve 18 months in jail. However, those plans were smashed when he discovered he is not eligible for the Residential Drug Abuse Program.
John Webster, who serves as part of the National Prison and Sentencing Consultants helps white-collar clients get help for drug and/or alcohol abuse. He can get inmates enrolled in helpful programs that will help them stay off their addictions. However, Joe does not qualify for that program because he is not a United States citizen.
“I don’t care if he can prove he did heroin every day. He’s not getting into that program.”
Inmates can apply for the RDAP if they have documents proving they have a problem. The documents allowed include letters from mental health professionals, social workers or a doctor. However, it is a selective program and not everyone who applies will be

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