Persuasive Essay On Journal Writing

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Have you ever sat down at your coffee table, as you unpacked your journal and began freewriting? Think of it as a writing exercise in which you unleash your thoughts and memories of the day and begin writing and compensating them into a day in the life of yourself. At this moment in time is when you seem to come across things you were oblivious to in regards of what you felt of your day. Maybe you felt that today was a better day than yesterday and was a splendid day but as you sat down at the table with a warm cup of coffee, you realized how you had spilt all your hot coffee prior to sitting down, having to make it again, or you came to realize of things that had occurred that you never knew. Maybe you felt that today was a good day until you sat down with a fresh brewing cup of coffee to realize all the problems you faced and the occurrences you tried to overcome on this "wonderful day."

Freewriting is an exercise that allows us to open up our minds and situate and read our work and integrate our feelings from a different perspective. This is the key component to freewriting that many of us enjoy doing, you take these creative ideas that you come across in journal writing and you compensate them into things such as daily blogging. Both integrate day to day premises but what makes them different or integrates them separately is that one revolves around a freewriting exercise in which you write for yourself, and the other compromises of your thoughts of your day, to an

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