Persuasive Essay On Judging Students

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Judging is a problem that faces students and it can be avoided. Judging can cause people to feel uncomfortable and not like themselves anymore. Judging people can also cause them to act differently and makes them feel insecure about themselves. You can avoid being judged by knowing things that your peers like, speaking confidently, and by just not caring what others people think. For example, you can overcome judging by understanding what their peers like. If you understand topics that your peers like then they will be interested. They might also think that they can be friends with you and they won 't judge anymore. Then that person will listen closely whenever you speak and even include you with them at other places such as classes and…show more content…
If you ignore someone that is talking about you, then they will stop bothering you. The person that is judging wants to get a reaction out of you and if you don’t give that reaction, then they will not talk to you anymore. At lunch Cody said,” These kids were talking about me the other day and I just ignored them for a few minutes. They walked away and never talked to me since. I felt so achieved even though I had just ignored a couple of kids that were saying things.” Another time I saw Kate in line for lunch and two kids were talking about her hair because she dyed it a different color. She got her lunch and sat down far away from them, but they followed and her and kept talking about her. Eventually they didn’t even know if she could hear them so they left and didn’t bother her anymore. To summarize, you can learn to avoid being judged by not caring and ignoring things that people say.

In conclusion you can learn to not get judged by understanding topics that your friends like, speaking with confidence, and by ignoring people. If you understand topics that your friend like then they will want to talk to you. If you speak with confidence then people will think that you know what you’re talking about. You can also just ignore people so they will stop bothering you. You shouldn’t judge others so people can feel equal and so they don’t have conflicts with someone because that someone could be your friend. Try using these tips to avoid being
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