Persuasive Essay On Jump Serve

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I love playing volleyball, and always finding new ways to get better. Something that I wanted to get better with, is my serving. I was never able to get the ball over the net last year because I never had enough strength or power. So, I started to teach myself how to jump serve. Jump serves are a way to serve that makes the ball shoot down and is a much harder serve. It took me a while to get the the techniques, but I eventually got them down. Action and Supporting Details 1: In volleyball, getting a hit, or an ace, or anything that makes your team get a point, feels wonderful. Jump serves are a very good way to get an ace because the power is hard and the ball goes straight over the net and shoots down. Then the crowd goes wild and you get fired up to keep serving and get even more aces. Also, when you see the ball hit the ground, it makes you really happy and gives you a lot of excitement to just keep serving. Action and Supporting Details 2: A big advantage of jump serving is being able to get a hard, down serve. When I see other teams jump serve, it 's intimidating to me. I kind of know automatically that this serve will be fast, powerful, and hard to get up. Sometimes, when I see someone jump serving, I get nervous and end up making the ball go the…show more content…
There are many different ways to jump serve, but they all have a footwork that you have to know in order to serve. Most of the footwork goes left, right, left, right. I got that part down pretty fast. The hardest part though for me was learning how far from the line you have to be. In volleyball, when you serve you can 't cross the out of bounds line. If you were to cross the line, the other team automatically gets the point. Once I jumped served for so long and just kept practicing, I learned how far I have to be from the line in order for me not to cross it. It did take a while, but I did eventually get it figured out after a
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