Persuasive Essay On Junior High

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Okay so you people enter junior high in three days. I’m sure your past sixth grade teachers told you some stuff about what you need to know for junior high. I bet they just told you to listen in all your classes, that teachers aren’t going to help you as much, and that you 're going to actually have to study for all your tests and quizzes. While all of that may be true, they are not giving you the proper advice to survive in junior high. In the next five minutes, I will be giving you all the tips and survival methods you’ll need for junior high. In junior high you get one thing you never had in all of your life time at St. Jude, freedom. Now, I’m not saying that you get to run around and do whatever you want whenever you feel like doing, but you do get way more freedom than you’ve had in past years. While you have this freedom, you do have to use it wisely. If Mrs. Boles catches you running around in the hallway like your a crazy person, then you automatically get put on her bad list and that is definitely not where you want to be. Also, don’t go to your locker…show more content…
I imagine you all must be somewhat excited that you get to change rooms and have a different teacher for every class. For most of you, if not all of you, this is a new experience for you. I’m not going to stand here and talk about how you switch classes, but I am going to inform you of teachers limits. Each teacher you can only push so far, and they all have different limits. With Mr. Kelly you can talk and be crazy in parts of his class but if he’s really passionate about teaching a certain thing (you’ll know if he is) then you better not talk. Now you think Miss. Kendzicky you’d be able to talk in her class, but really the only time you 're allowed to talk is before her class because you NEED to pay attention to what she’s saying when she’s teaching. She only goes over everything once and you have to know it. When it comes to Mrs. Boles you 're better off not talking or doing anything “risky”
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