Persuasive Essay On Jury Duty

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As a U.S. citizen there are pretty much only three things you should be doing, that is paying taxes, voting, and serving on a jury. Skipping over the first two brings us to jury duty, which many feel to be a nuisance, but really, is it? Our right to a jury trial is one of the foundations our country was built on. Just because you don’t have a choice when it comes to jury duty, doesn’t mean it’s something that you should feel negative toward. Yes, that piece of mail we receive “summons” us to report to jury duty, but don’t think it that way. Of course you can’t disregard the notice, you must show up, or you will face legal repercussions. But it’s important to realize that isn’t really a duty, it’s a right we have because of the Constitution. The Seventh Amendment to…show more content…
Someone has to come to court because they or someone else has been wronged. As citizens of this great country we have the honor and the trust to decide fairly over someone’s case. By fulfilling this civic duty, we carry out what the Constitution has given us. We have to preserve this right by responding when we are summoned to serve. How to Prepare for Jury Duty Even if you receive a summons, you may not have to report to jury duty. Your summons should include a phone number of another way to access whether or not you will have to appear. Summons go out way before a trial is set. All trials schedule for your day may settle before then and no jurors will be required. Depending on the court you may not know if you will have to appear until the night before. There will be some time where you will have to wait during the proceedings. Bring a book or something quite to do so you don’t get bored. Remember, you most likely won’t be able to use your cell phone. And be sure to get a good night sleep before. You’ll have to be there early, and if you get chosen you’ll want to be at your best. No one likes a sleepy
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