Persuasive Essay On Justified Euthanasia

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Justified Euthanasia “How terrible it is to love something death can touch” (Albus Dumbledore), is something everyone questions to themselves. There is a great desire to avoid it, but death is inescapable. Death approaches over time or unexpectedly and happens to everyone. In hospitals, a patient’s chance of life can hang by a choice. Euthanasia, is common to families who have loved ones in an incurable condition facing the inevitable. It is one of the most difficult decision for anyone to face of whether to pull the plug or keep the patient under vegetative or suffering state. Letting someone go is never easy, but euthanasia allows the family to decide the patient’s fate, to avoid any other agonizing pain, and to brace themselves for the imminent loss.
A family’s grievous decision to euthanize is very crucial. There is nothing more dreadful than to see a love one suffer, but what is more torturous is to decide to either let go or keep that love one confined in bed and connected to tubes. Euthanasia allows the family members to make the first option considering that this is a decision that has the best interest for the patient involved. By deciding to euthanize, the family is “able to choose when and how [the patient] want[s] to die, and that [the patient] should do so with dignity” (Euthanasia and assisted suicide). Because patients often feel like a burden, euthanasia puts them at ease. When a patient is in a comatose state,“euthanasia is much more dignified than dying

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