Persuasive Essay On Juvenile Curfew

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Curfew has become a popular law among minor and adult, it is the tool for combating the juvenile delinquency. According to Hemmens and Bennett (1999), Juvenile curfew is a law that is implemented by the local ordinance prohibiting minors to avoid crime, generally within a particular range of age, from absorbing particular street and areas during the particular times. This law is not that new for all the countries in the world. The first Youth Curfew was started in Omaha, Ne, 1880. The additional reprimand came from President Harrison gave a speech implementing the curfew law among children. ‘‘the most important municipal regulation for the protection of the children of American homes, from the vices of the street’’. By 1957, 57 of the 109 cities with 1950 population over 100,000 reported having curfews Curfew law helps our children to avoid crime rate and violence. They all give the parents’ rights to have a respect, discipline in awkward and difficult situation time in teenage lives. It helps the local governments to have peace and order in their country. When teenage crime and victimization are increasing and local ordinance learned to craft the curfew legislation in the manner way to the court. Through this law, it will help all the countries in the world to decrease the violence crime act among children. According to Estrella Torres (2016) the first complication of President Duterte’s conflict in violence and criminality, the Supreme Court furnishes a temporary

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