Persuasive Essay On Juveniles

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The opportunity for a one-time juvenile delinquent to have their record expunged would probably come at the end of a chapter in their life that they would like to forget. At one time or another in our childhood, we did some things that we were not proud of and would want to forget. For the most part, we did it out of immaturity or simply not considering the consequences of our actions. I have come across a lot of juveniles in my life and even some adults were the only thing that separates my story from their story, is one or two bad decisions. I have come across criminals who have had similar or better childhoods than myself. They have spent several years in prison or have been addicted to drugs and are now trying to put the past behind them. So why must their past dictate their future? It would be irresponsible of us as a society not to allow people a second chance at life. Especially…show more content…
I see the need for law enforcement agencies keep track of fingerprints for identification purposes ,but records should be sealed from the public. There are so many outside influences and internal battles that plague children in their teens, that the teen do not entirely know himself until mid 20’s to 30’s. The struggle that society has with juveniles have been prevalent since “2270 BC, where Code of Hammurabi discussed, runaways, children who disowned their parents, and a son who cursed their father”(pg4). Juvenile delinquency will forever be an issue when you are dealing with young people, their growing bodies, and their growing minds. Most teens are fighting a battle of right from wrong and natural impulses which is the natural progression of life. So why should we hold them to a higher standard than ourselves, when we have done similar, but had a stronger support system. I think for lesser crimes and for an individual whose gone a circumstantial amount of time without an infraction, expungement should be an
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