Persuasive Essay On Killing Animals

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Killing animals
Nowadays, most people think that killing animals is normal. However, whether they are small animals or big animals, they all have the same mind as humans. Some people think that humans do with animals as they like. Others feel that humans should treat animals as if they were humans. One of the famous animal rights advocates said that "Animals have the right to live on their own. It should not be done with it, as it is an inanimate object or a commodity. We should not treat animals as if it were ours." There are many different facets of killing animals. It also has positives and negatives depending on the viewpoint of each person. We almost all associated with animals in one way or another. How should animals be treated?
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Each year, dogs have to end their lives by making mercy killing. According to 2008, US Animal Crime Prevention Association (ASPCA) said that “there are pets, including dogs, cats, and other animals in the National Animal Shelter Nationwide has made more than 3.7 million” (2013). The mercy killing the animals is the way that we decided to choose the path of life for pets to stay or go. We do not know the real need of them because these animals have no right even to speak. We have a duty to just help them as fully as possible so that the pets that we love is the least…show more content…
On the other hand, there are some negative, the first is killing for fashion. Designing and producing clothing using animal’s fur may be viewed as an unethical business. Because of the killing of animals to bring their fur used to make shirts, scarf and other products, it is a cruel and cruel act. Some people like the texture of the real fur is much softer. But they do not look back to the pain of those animals. Every creature has a heart and lives for survival in society. Animals cannot do bad things like humans do with them. If the animal does not make a mistake on you, you should not hurt them either. People are using animal’s fur or skin for fashion clothing, accessories and animal products but if you just use fake fur instead of killing animals for real fur or skin, it will help and save

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