Persuasive Essay On Killing People

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High schools in New York play a game called “Killer” at the end of every year. Even the name could disturb people. It sounds like in this game they are teaching the kids that killing people is okay. There could be many people who find the whole game disturbing. People shouldn’t be going around in airports with squirt guns. Especially in airports. Even Protell said “I had to get special permission from the judge for the squirt fish, because I didn’t want to take my gun anywhere near and El AI counter.” That clearly shows that he knows that it is wrong to walk into an airport with a squirt gun. I noticed that in the article it say that they are “taking people out”. They also said that they are saying that they are “killing people”. In the following…show more content…
This is the stuff that they are putting in teens’ brains. Is it okay in your eyes because it’s not. They are also teaching them that as long money is involved that anything is okay. They are playing for $360. It is telling them to be greedy. They are stalking people in this game. Here is another quote proving my point. “We want to get Cohen out on the stoop, or learn whether he’s sleeping at home.” They decided that the best way to do that is to call Cohen’s mom. It’s a good thing that the mom knew what was going on. If she didn’t know they would be in serious trouble. They were would methods of their own that would be appropriate. I don’t know what kind of rules they have but one of them should be keep the game in the school and don’t follow people home so you can “kill” them. The terminology they use in the game could give people the wrong idea. I don’t know how many times I have to say that. They need to be careful how they play and talk about the game the way. They talk about the game like it’s life and death. It’s not but people could get the wrong idea and take it the wrong way. I know I keep on stressing that point but think about it. They are telling teens that it is okay to play violent

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