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Kim Zolciak is a 37 year old reality show personality, who appears on the Bravo network series, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". She is the mother of six children. Kim has been under scrutiny recently for the plastic surgeries she has undergone, not so much for the surgeries she has admitted to having done, but for the surgeries she denies. There are a few procedures of Kim Zolciak plastic surgery list she denies. In the past, Kim has adamantly denied she has had any kind of plastic surgery performed until a few years ago, she has admitted to botox injections in her face to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Other than that, she claims her face is completely natural. She has also admitted to having two breast enlargement surgeries and a tummy…show more content…
She claims she has never had a rhinoplasty or lip augmentation. Many people contend that she has had these things done because her before and after pictures are significantly different in those particular areas. People have confronted her about her denial in having these surgeries because they don't understand why she'll admit to some surgeries, but deny the others. Speculation has been rampant and there are some experts in the medical field that contest Kim's denials. The experts claim that she has had many kinds of fillers all over her body to give her her curvaceous look. Also, they note the most evident changes are present in the shape of her nose. The shape of the cartilage in her nose is more contoured and the tip is more defined, so there is definite proof of a rhinoplasty. It's not only the doctors, who can see the changes in her face, but other people do, as well. They see the change in the size and shape of her lips and the change of her eye shape, implying that she has had an lip augmentation and an eyelid lift. Kim claims that her lips look bigger because she overdraws her lip line when applying her lipstick. Perhaps in the near future, she will also admit to these other surgeries on the Kim Zolciak plastic surgery
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