Persuasive Essay On Landfills

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We 've been influenced since a young age to be courteous of the environment around us and that we must take care of it if we want to keep ourselves and our home healthy. So, what if i were to tell you that the leftover scraps of your meal would not only be better off as compost to help your plants grow beautifully and bring your garden life but it would also help your environment. Don 't you think that 's pretty amazing? Not only is it benefiting you but its benefiting the environment around you. In schools, the amount of food thrown away is overwhelming and it all just goes to landfills to just sit and rot and go to complete waste. An issue is going around is about whether compost should be allowed to be used for the environment of a school campus. Compost should be since it would help the food waste go to good, it would benefit the surrounding environment of the school, and it 'd help with the problem of landfills being over filled.

In the United states, about 30-40 percent of the food is wasted. That waste ends up in landfills and rot to no use or purpose, even though those moldy, rotten tomatoes you threw out have a very good use and it can be the reason why your garden is so full of bright, vibrant flowers and plants. Obviously not just tomatoes would be a good fertilizer for your garden but food in general. Schools are full of students and a majority don 't even finish their lunches. Even the cafeteria over produce some food that just gets thrown away. That food

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