Persuasive Essay On Landmines

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We as a human being understand the destruction landmines can cause to the lives of those who were impacted by. The landmines just don’t disappear after the war like soldiers going home after battle. Even though the war ended the mines that haven’t been activated will still be deadly and will still hurt those who are innocent. There are lots of stories from elders about landmines that they have seen in their lives that are not in the media. Landmines have taken many lives of those who do not deserve it to be taken, innocent lives and future lives can be saved if landmines are banned. Landmines have been around since the 13th century when the Chinese dynasty was fighting the Mongols. Landmines have been around forever and it’s still being used until today. It’s true that mines are a good weapon when it comes to self-defense and ambushing the opposer but that’s only good if the mines hit the target it's aiming for. If the landmines that have been planted under a pile of dirt does not hit the opposer there’s a big chance of hurting or killing civilians that have nothing to do with this issue. Landmines have done no good to anyone except harming anyone in its way. Out in our world today there are millions of mines buried across hundreds of miles in war zones that haven't been discovered yet. In the article of…show more content…
Everyone has dreams of having a family and living the normal life but that dream could not be accomplished easily if you live in a place surrounded by landmines. People that live in different country or area that are landmine free would probably say ask the question “why couldn't they moved to a better place.” What those people do not understand is that people that are living in those kinds of places live there because it’s the place where their parents were born/rise, it’s a place where they were raised too, and it’s probably the only place they know. Most people

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