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Each year in excess of 80,000 weddings take place in Las Vegas, which makes sin city one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world!
Obviously, a Las Vegas wedding wouldn’t be right for everyone. If you want a huge extravaganza with every single relative and friend in attendance then it may not be the ideal venue for you. However, don’t be misled by thinking that there are only totally wacky wedding options available in this self-appointed wedding capital, because there are plenty of perfectly conventional venues without a single Elvis impersonator in sight.
If you are in search of something a little different then Las Vegas could be the perfect place for
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Both sets of families will have their own ideas and agenda when it comes to which relatives should be included. Then you have to work out which friends you want there for your special day plus you have to include their partners, whether you like them or not. After all of that you will have the workplace politics to manoeuvre through; if you invite one colleague you may offend another one. Before you know it you will be cracking under the strain of trying to please everyone and offend no-one.
A wedding in Vegas, particularly a small one with just immediate family, rules out anyone feeling excluded if they’re not invited.
8. Endless Accommodation
There are plenty of hotel rooms in Las Vegas, so if you do end up having a larger number of wedding guests there will be no problem with them finding places to stay. The added advantage of guests sorting their own accommodation is that they won’t expect you to entertain them outside of the actual wedding day.
9. Outstanding Scenery for Photos
The Las Vegas Strip offers a fantastic array of stunning photo opportunities, both during the day and when lit up at night but if you want something far more scenic, a short drive to the Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert will never disappoint in terms of outstanding
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