Late Start Thesis

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Late Start: A Must or a Bust The American Heritage Dictionary defines chaos as “Any condition or place of total disorder or confusion.” Others define it as ‘Late Start School’. There is no more of a perfect definition. Late start will cause the bombarding of after school activities, athletics, transportation to and from school, financial recordings , a blanket of stress of over the community, and countless more problems. Late Start will cause the utmost chaos to the communities schedules and the life of the people in the community. Late start can impinge upon elementary students and their families. If we were to acquire late start in our districts, the straightforward way to make it work is to shift the start times of elementary schools…show more content…
However, late start can still be dreadful by causing heaps of negative stress in the family. Due to financial problems in some families, some students could be providing income in order to support their families. Accepting late start could mean that these students could need to quit their jobs or work night shifts. Working night shifts could mean sleep deprivation which can cause negative stress. In other words, possibly more health issues than what we started with. If the student has to quit their job, this can mean even more stress and working night hours because of the fact that they would have to scramble around trying to find the perfect new job that can support their families and work with their new schedules. In article number four by the National Sleep Foundation, it states that, “This issue is important for certain students and their families who rely on the extra income to get by. Therefore, the change may disproportionately affect low income families.” Late start is a little bundle of chaos ready reek havoc, and if late start comes into our district it will destroy the order we already have. Late start will change nothing. Kids could just simply go to bed later if we had late start so in a way it would only ruin everything for nothing. It would get dark later, kids could have to get new jobs, parents could have to make a whole new schedule for nothing and students would not be getting the ‘health benifits’ that people say having late start will do. Late start obviously not a good idea for anyone in the community. It will only make things
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