Persuasive Essay On Late Start School

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Success, the one thing that almost all teen strive for but maybe misdirected. Late start school will affect: transportation, health care, child care, and many other problems yet to be revealed. Late start will help no one. It will create countless problems along the way and is a big mistake. Traffic, budgets, and stress levels will all be affected for the worse in this joke of an idea called late start school.
Late start school will be highly detrimental the community should it happen. One major problem with late start school is traffic. If kids started going to school an hour later, this will interfere with adults moving around and going to work every day, between 8 and 9 o’clock. Innocent kids going to school would take traffic congestion to whole new level for cities that already say traffic is bad. Doing this would put more cars on the road and increasing the chance of an accident. With more problems on the road it can also be bad for business drivers such as delivery cars. businesses would use more money on gas and could lose customer money. Late start could have a dramatic effect on the community.
If school times were pushed an hour forward, it could be very bad for the school budget. If school times are pushed to the same time as elementary school hours, the schools will face a problem with lack of buses. Each school district is
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Late start will not help children, it will only do the opposite in the long run. Late start effects, transportation, traffic, health care, child care and even more problems not addressed in this argument. The amount of problems that will happen, outweigh the problems that we have today in our school districts. School works almost the same way it has worked in the last 40 years, has it ever been a huge problem in all of that time? In long run this is a mistake, and should not be allowed to
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