Persuasive Essay On Late Term Abortion

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What is late term abortion? Late termpartial abortion is the termination of a fetus after the 14th week period. In case it didn’t occur to you that terminating is killing and killing is the goal of any and all abortions. What is death? If you were to ask me it would be the ending of someone’s time here on earth. Do you think that we as humans should have the right, with the law to back us up, to take another humans life before the first breath is drawn? Abortion takes only about 30 minutes to complete and is said to not have much pain. Which brings me to my next question, is abortion murder? That depends on you as a person and your beliefs such as Pro-life or Pro- choice. Many Partial abortions occur when the mother either can’t take the pain anymore or she changes her mind (A. M. Paul). Abortion kills the baby. An abortion serves but only one purpose and that is to end the life of the baby. There are many ways that a late term abortion can be performed, which…show more content…
In begins with a small incision on the lower abdomen to get to the uterus, but the abortion needs a slightly smaller incision. Unlike a couple of other abortion this is performed by anesthesia. It is used a rare occurrences where other less invasive procedures have failed. It is used and/or performed with in the periods of 12th and 24th weeks of the pregnancy. The final late term abortion is called injection and still birth. On the first day a drug is injected by a large needle. The drug that is in the needle is called digoxin (Levinto). Originally it is used for heart problems, but if enough is injected it can cause cardiac arrest. It is a stimulant that helps the beat of the heart more regular. ((unknown)). The abortion is performed at a late stage. Therefore, the baby can and will feel all the pain. The needle is injected through the woman’s stomach and into the baby (Levintno). The ideal spot for the needle will either be the head, stomach, or

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