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What can happen when a student wakes up for an early school day? The student may not have had a very good night’s sleep and could feel drowsy. When they get to school, they might have an unorthodox mood and be falling behind on school assignments, which would cause much stress for them. Now, what if the school day had started at a later time? The student could have gotten more sleep, been in a better mood, been more focused in school, and been less stressed with their work.. This shows how different school start times can be when it comes to students. The benefits of a later school start time can greatly affect a student. Sleep is an essential part of a student’s health. If a student doesn’t get enough sleep or wakes …show more content…

A person could say that the current time that school starts is acceptable, and students just have to sleep and/or wake up earlier.They could say that the amount of sleep that students get won’t matter on how they perform and act in school and around others. They could even say that later school days will affect a student’s work after school. But, they may not know the benefits of later school days. A school day that starts at eight thirty A.M. allows students to get enough sleep. When they sleep well, students can boost their school behavior, attendance, and grades. Students can also work better with work outside of school because of less sleep-deprivation. If these reasons don’t convince anyone against later school days that these changes are beneficial, then they should look deeper into the situation. An early school day can lead to many problems. Students can suffer from great sleep-deprivation. They could drop dramatically in grades and attendance. They would be under a ton of stress. A later school day would solve these problems. Students would be able to have the correct mood so that they are well-behaved around other people. Their grades and

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