Persuasive Essay On Law Enforcement

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Sean Bell, Daniel Shaver, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Raupheal Thomas, Tamir Rice, Nicholas Thomas; all these men have something in common: they were unarmed, shot and killed by police. All these officers have been let off due to typical excuses such as self-defense, raised suspicion, or probable cause, without a single form of punishment. Law Enforcement, more specifically police officers, have to be responsible and take full accountability and receive reasonable punishment for their misbehavior and wrongdoings. These men and women hold such authority and responsibility that should not have to experience these brutal consequences whatsoever. These men and women are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the community they…show more content…
Yes, people have a civic duty to fulfill, but none of this would be possible or even matter if absolutely all of law enforcement would abide by the constitution. Like Shaun King said, at the pace we’re moving at, this year will be renowned as the deadliest year ever since this statistic has been tracked (King para 2). At this rate, it seems like nothing will change. At this rate, more innocent people will just continue being killed for all the wrong reasons. At this rate, these police officers will continue to use excessive force when it is more than unnecessary. At this rate, these police officers will get to go home to their families unharmed or without any punishment while the ones they killed are gone forever, they can’t go home. At this rate, another mother will lose her daughter. At this rate, another father will lose his junior. At this rate, another child will lose his guardian all because law enforcement refuses to be color blind when it comes to race. All because law enforcement cannot let go of their stereotypes. All because law enforcement can’t see the difference between “what you’re doing is wrong” and “I think what you are doing something
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