Persuasive Essay On Leaving School

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¨Brett just leave school, no one is going to know you are gone.¨ Is one thing I had to get through my head multiple times on last year on April 20th. The problem I had with leaving was not that I would get caught but just the date and what people would think if I left school on the date 4/20. Just because the date is 4/20 people would think that I am a complete pot head for leaving school to just go hangout with my friends and play xbox. I am a better person than what I showed on that date, I know that skipping is not something that I do no matter what people may think of me. The day was like most, I didn 't want to go to school, I had woke up a little late and was kind of grumpy but I was feeling like a rebel because I was wearing a shirt that may look like a nike shirt that says just do it but instead it said just hit it and was in green lettering. Now this may have been a bad choice because if people didn 't think I was a pothead before that they did now and that could be something that people try to pin on me. But the biggest alarm to a lot of people was that I was doing a research paper on legalizing marijuana in english 11 with my favorite teacher Mrs. Gast. I was…show more content…
I was leaving the school and no one knew it but me and Jacob. This feeling of accomplishment took over my body. Jacob and I went to my car got inside and we both had big grins on our faces knowing that it was all going as planned so far. We went to Jacob 's and that is when my mind started to race to the worst conclusions that I could muster up. ¨Brett you dumbass! They will know you left school because all of the teachers will count you absent and then the school will call your mom because they will want to know why you were gone!¨ This was the turning point in my day where I debated going back to school or stay at Jacobs and just keep doing everything we had planned for the

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