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Everyday there are dozens of tons of scrap from kitchen, whether it is meal offal, leftover vegetable even fruit. It becomes a serious problem in this recent decade. The good news is that there is a superb easy, cheap and simple way to solve that problem and everyone can participate to reduce the amount of those food wastes.
Have you ever thought to replant or regrow the scrap especially the leftover vegetable or fruit in your kitchen? Do you think that it is impossible? Well, the fact is those scrap can be regrown; although, it can only be done for certain kinds of vegetable and fruit.
Regrowing means to grow again. We grow again the leftover vegetable, herb or fruit by planting those leftover. By regrowing, you can save a considerable amount
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Make sure the cube has an “eye” on it — this is the part of the potato that sprouts if you let it sit for too long on your counter top. Let the cubes sit for a day or two, then plant them outside and water as normal. Within a couple of week, the potato is able to be eaten away.
This super fruit is expensive, but this fruit is able to be regrown using it seed. Just clean the seed and put it in a jar. Add some water about an inch of the seed to submerge it in the water. Make sure the seed rest in a jar so it's over the water. Place the jar in a warm place with indirect sunlight and make sure the water level does not drop below the seed. It may take up to six weeks before roots and a stem appear. Once the stem grows to about six inches, cut it back to three inches. Once leaves appear, plant the seed in soil, leaving the top half of the seed exposed.
Doing regrowing from leftover vegetable and fruit are just like killing two birds using a stone while you can enjoy the process. It is extremely fun. You can do a simple experiment or just search it in the google to find out any other kind of vegetable and fruit that can be regrown using parts of its body. Good

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