Why We Should Legalize Drugs

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Google defines drugs as “drəɡ/ a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.” Many people all around the world use drugs for many reasons. Different substances are used for either recreational, medicinal, or due to a physiological necessity (addiction). Some substances more than others have different side effects and many people have died as a consequence of abuse. Governments have taken up arms in the drug war to “protect” their people against drugs by funding billions of dollars to the drug war. However, is it doing more harm than good? Countries all over the world should legalize drugs, and treat them as a commodity. Drugs impact various aspects of society ranging from personal liberties (bodily autonomy), economics,…show more content…
Then you will need the people who will be responsible for retrieving/making the resources needed to produce the drugs. Finally, you will have the brick and mortar stores as well as online stores that will be selling thus stimulating the real estate market. If we are to look at drugs from a sociological perspective we can see that legalization is a beneficial alternative to The War on Drugs. First, criminalizing drugs when it should be treated as a health issue creates more problems than it solves. By giving someone a permanent record for possession of a drug their life is being ruined more so because of the government consequence versus the actual health consequences of the drug. Logically speaking it makes no sense to ruin someone 's life to “protect” them from ruining their life with a drug. When in prison they will experience violence, rape, and exposure to drugs and disease (which are extremely dangerous ex. “Toilette wine” or disease from sharing needles). So they are not safe and chances are will become addicted to other substances while in prison. If the war on drugs is supposed to protect
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