Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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For many people, marijuana is the only treatment that can give them relief from the diseases that have a strong grip on their life, so why should we deny them access to the salubrious drug that could give them good health and the opportunity to actually live life to the fullest? In February of 2014, a poll showed that 49% of Texans supported recreational marijuana and 77% supported medical marijuana (“Legalization of Marijuana”). Marijuana has so many health benefits, it is hard to see why someone might be against it. To top that, it has the potential to bring in millions of tax dollars. Taxing the drug would be a simple way to bring in money and abolish our countries debt, so unless our government enjoys owing trillions of dollars to other countries, they should get their act together. And if that isn’t enough to change your mind, legalization of marijuana could be beneficial to our law enforcement system. It would decrease the illegal smuggling of drugs, reduce secondary crimes that help criminals pay for the drug, and we would no longer have to spend time cracking down on those who carry the drug, and instead we could focus our law enforcement 's time on bigger crimes. Marijuana should be legalized because it has countless medical benefits, brings in money to our government, and is favorable to aiding our country’s law enforcement. Many people only see marijuana as an addictive substance and not a medical miracle. They claim that the legalization of marijuana would
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