The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana (cannabis) has been the topic of much debate over the past couple of years. Although these debates have been present for decades, the relevancy of the arguments have skyrocketed with recent changes to marijuana’s legalization status. For example, California passed a proposition to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. 22 states have done the same, with others seemingly close behind. More recently, pot pushers have legalized recreational marijuana in select states (Martin, Time). This makes the debates surrounding the legalization of marijuana extremely important and vital to understand. Through much research, it has been undoubtedly proven that the legalization of marijuana will cause many unintended, harmful consequences…show more content…
The average citizen, someone who would normally not have any contact with pot, will experience increased availability to these drugs, as well as dampened connotations surrounding its use (Turner, The Federalist). Turner furthers, mentioning how you don’t have to be an unlawful citizen to try marijuana. All it takes is curiosity. Inevitably, marijuana will seep into our lives, becoming the topic of conversation, and soon everyone has become normalized with a drug that had been illegal just recently. Another chilling fact is the effect it will have on the nation’s teens. Subject to the atrocities listed above, minors have endless ways to get their hands on “just another fun smoke”. In the state of Colorado, a federal grant-funded agency published a report on detrimental effects the legalization of cannabis had on the population, 2 of which mentioned the increase of college and youth users (Stimson, 14). The dangers public use is the basis for all opponents of…show more content…
They argue that pot is harmless, and state that overdosing on marijuana has led to no deaths (“Drugs of Abuse”, 17). However true this may be, many studies only take into consideration the short-term effects of marijuana. Over a long period of time, marijuana has the capability to destroy students’ chances of completing high school or college, and make it 7 times more likely for them to commit suicide. Indirect deaths are the most common occurrence. That is not to say that the short term effects still aren’t devastating. Sedation, bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate, coughing, and decreased blood pressure are just some of the short term effects that pot has on the body (“Drugs of Abuse”, 17). It’s no wonder that so many die while driving under the influence of

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