Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Over the past ten years the topic of marijuana legalization has been very controversial and people have had very strong opinions about it. In the early 1900’s marijuana actually became associated with immigrants, turning people away from the substance because they thought it was “dirty”. During the Great Depression people began associating immigrants with crimes and violence, therefore associating marijuana with crimes and violence (PBS). However, in todays’ society many people believe that the drug could be beneficial for treating cancer, anxiety, and chronic pain. Some even think that recreational marijuana should be legalized. It is no longer associated with immigrants or crime and now the legalization of it is becoming a topic of discussion. By legalizing marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes many benefits would arise such as the creation of more jobs, better tax revenue, and the healing of illnesses.
It has been proven that cannabis has many unique benefits such as being able to fight tumor growth. Not only that but “It has also shown to have an effect on the rate of metastasis, including for non-small cell lung cancer − the leading cause of cancer deaths globally” (Bollinger). If there is something to help slow cancer growth why aren’t we utilizing it? The media is always saying they found “cures” for cancer but usually these so called “cures” are just placebos and random chemicals that are being put into patient’s bodies. Those in the medical field

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