The Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

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Over the past ten years the topic of marijuana legalization has been very controversial and people have had very strong opinions about it. In the early 1900’s marijuana actually became associated with immigrants, turning people away from the substance because they thought it was “dirty”. During the Great Depression people began associating immigrants with crimes and violence, therefore associating marijuana with crimes and violence (PBS). However, in todays’ society many people believe that the drug could be beneficial for treating cancer, anxiety, and chronic pain. Some even think that recreational marijuana should be legalized. It is no longer associated with immigrants or crime and now the legalization of it is becoming a topic of discussion.…show more content…
These states also believe that marijuana will become as popular as alcohol, and at some point, may even pass it up (Hogler). After looking at the money and other benefits that marijuana-friendly states are receiving, more states such as Illinois are basing their legalization decisions on how well it’s going for those states. As of right now, Illinois has legalized the use of medical marijuana and all marijuana is now decriminalized, meaning that if someone is found with a small amount of weed they will not face jail time, just a small fine. However, Illinois politicians are starting to come around to accepting the idea of recreational marijuana and it is possible that this may be voted on by Illinoisans in November 2018 (Editorial Board). Not only would the state, as a whole benefit from the marijuana industry but so would many individual people. By legalizing marijuana people would be able to start up dispensaries and nurseries, others would be able to work in the dispensaries. These new job opportunities would benefit many people and would lower the unemployment rate. “Marijuana legalization created more than eighteen thousand full time employment opening and added approximately $2.4 billion to the economy of the state of Colorado in 2016” (Cannabis Training…show more content…
As long as citizens are following the laws that are set by their particular state they should be able to use marijuana however they please. The laws can also be changed depending on the results that are seen, so if people are using it in an inappropriate way or new studies show that the substance is harmful the government can make the laws stricter. Or if people are successfully following the laws the government might be a little more lenient. All of this is up to the user and how well they are willing to be responsible with their marijuana use. So, over the next ten years let’s make the topic of marijuana legalization less
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