Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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Statistics by United Nations (UN) show that 158.8 million people or about 3.8% of the world population use marijuana. However, drugs like cannabis are known to be harmful. It is addicting, causes mood swings, and gives a mental picture of an unsafe neighborhood or city. Although with these negative effects, states such as Colorado and Washington are starting to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Why? Recent scientific studies indicate that there might be more positive outcomes. For example, World Health Organization also known as WHO declared medical marijuana can treat medical conditions, for instance, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Also, it can improve the country’s economy by taxing. It is predicted that legalization would reduce black markets and drug-related violence which would help law enforcement to work on other cases. Therefore cannabis should be legal in the U.S. because it would help improve the economy, decrease black markets and drug-related violence, and help treat medical conditions. Firstly, …show more content…

for 3 reasons. Its potential of improving the U.S. economy, reduction of crimes, and the medical welfare. Governments would be able to save funds for the budget of drug control and tax marijuana for profit. There would be less arrests for drug-possession as well as other misdemeanors. Also, recent studies by mentioned in the previous paragraph suggest its medical benefits for many types of disease. As described above in the past paragraphs, there are many positive outcomes due to the legalization of cannabis. However, there are also negative effects of it which need to advocate restriction and control. Also, legalization of cannabis in the states respectively may show more effects it could have when legalized nationwide. In addition, further medical research may indicate the health benefits. Subsequently, legalization would bring prosperity rather than a loss for the nation. Therefore, cannabis should be legal in the

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