Persuasive Essay On Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Legalize marijuana Marijuana some people think it needs to be outlawed, while others think it needs to be fully legal. Marijuana is proven to be helpful in the medical field by letting people with immense pain not feel as much pain for a length of time, but it also helps people relax and enjoy life more. If it has a positive benefit in the medical field then why must it be outlawed just because it has been known to be very addictive it not like it will harm you if you know self control and don’t light up every second you can. It only hurts people with no self control. Marijuana should be fully legal in all 50 states. Many states through the years, starting in as early as 1996 by California with proposition 215 to legalize medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana in the past recent years the first year it was pass was in 2014 by Colorado with proposition 64. “As of April 2015 23 states have legalized medical marijuana” (bushak 2016). Since 2015 the states that have legalized medical marijuana have raised to 29 states and the district of Columbia. “55 million American have admitted to smoking marijuana” (mills 2017). So why do we still have it as an illegal, harmful drug if 29 out of the 50 states and our nation 's capital have legalized medical marijuana and 55 million out of the 326,034,354 people that live in this country have admitted to smoking marijuana that is 16.8% of all u.s. Citizens, but we still have it as a illegal and harmful drug. A few states have
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