Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Assisted Suicide

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Rapid and Dramatic developments in medical technology has given us the power to save more lives than we ever have before. New treatments and technology allows us to reduce suffering and cure diseases that were once fatal or painful in the past. However, such advances in medicine have also given us the ability to sustain life, or prolong deaths, of patients whose physical or mental capabilities cannot be restored, and their pain cannot be eliminated. Like the woman suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, people do resort to end their pain and suffering. But under present law, assisting in suicide is a crime. Social, medical and legal controversy surround this issue, leaving us with one important question: Should we, as a society, pass laws sanctioning assisted suicide.

Social Issues
Those who support legalising assisted suicide, claim that all people have the right to choose freely what they want to do with their lives without inflicting harm on others. This right to free choice includes the right to end one’s life. There are many people whose disease, handicap or
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Should this be a state or federal issue? There is nothing stopping a terminally ill patient moving interstate, to take advantage of the laws in the states that support assisted suicide. How is this viewed by every other state, and what are the legal ramifications for family members who have supported the process? To what extent does the responsibility of family members become legal authorization? At what point is the patient’s responsibility diminished? And how are they deemed mentally and emotionally fit? There is an enormous amount of risk and liability surrounding these factors, both for the physician and bystanders (family members). If assisted suicide is legalized in other states, new laws and regulation would have to be introduced to recognize the risk and liability for these
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