Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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The controversy of legalizing marijuana is pertinent in many aspects of modern society, and has far reaching implications that one might not realize upon shallow inspection of the issue. There are many subjects that cause this issue to garner attention, such as freedom, health, justice, and economics. The spotlight has created activists on both sides of the argument; However, all oppositional assertions are flawed or not substantiated. The prohibition of marijuana has been a futile effort guided by misinformation and nefarious interests. Marijuana has been researched more extensively and used more heavily than many currently available pharmaceuticals; It is known to not only be less harmful than alcohol, but also an effective medicine for seizures and anorexia. The benefits of ending prohibition are pervasive and already well documented by previous eras.…show more content…
A major turning point in drug prohibition occurred in 1971; President Richard Nixon declared drug abuse "public enemy number one" and set into motion what would be known as the "war on drugs". The purpose of this campaign was to reduce the illegal drug trade, as well as reduce consumption and addiction. Despite the massive financial investment, drug related crime continues to rise, and innocent people are being killed by thugs who exploit the black market created by prohibition; This should sound familiar because the same exact thing occurred in the 1920's. The prohibition of alcohol that took place during this time draws many parallels to the current situation with cannabis. Ending prohibition is not some intangible concept that requires debate, It is already proven to stifle the illegal sale of drugs and create reliable networks for
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