Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Organ Sales

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In Nepal, within a tiny little village in Kathmandu, lies ground zero for kidney trafficking where “kidney trafficking rackets - well organized and well funded - dupe the poor and uneducated into giving away a piece of themselves” (CNN) For years, there has been a deficit number of organs donated in proportion to those who need them. Recently, there has been much controversy with the talk of legalizing organ sales in the United States. Doing so will bring about more repercussions than positive consequences. Legalizing organ sale will discriminate against the poor, pressure those in poverty to donate a part of themselves, and raise human right questions. Organ sales should not be legalized in the United States. Most concretely, permitting…show more content…
By asserting a organ trade, it is essentially putting a price on the human body. Some have already begun to question the rights donors might hold pre and post-transplant. With a pair of brothers who donated in Iran, after their kidney surgery they developed several severe bladder infections as well as signs of kidney failure. The pair received no indemnities from the hospital the surgery was performed at other than the initial payment for the organ. (CNN.doc) Predicaments like this are the kind of human rights scholars worry over. Once the surgery is completed, does the donor hold no rights, receive no insurance for complications created by the procedure? The one receiving the organ will have all sorts of insurances and fall backs naturally given by the law and hospital, but the donor has none. Critics quarrel that legalizing organ sales and therefore saving lives should not be stopped by abstract moral concerns. In reality, these concerns are well founded. That attitude sets one up for a whole world of discrimination and disregard for certain social classes, or the donors. These human rights must be considered and are just another reason why organ sales should remain

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