Believing In Hell Research Paper

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“Choose wisely…by praying…
Lord, Jesus Christ, I’ve been wrong and done wrong. Come into my Heart! Save me from Hell!” Faith or pride…Everyman had to choose for himself. One truly led to a beautiful “Life after Death” the other lead to…an unbelievably horrible one. Ever man had to choose one or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, for himself. That choice set in motion the consequences automatically. “Oh my God…”
Los Angeles was a beautiful city, with millions of beautiful people. They were the life and heart of the changing city.
Once upon a time, the Spanish speaking families actually populated the city, then centuries ago the states went west, and the population grew, looking for “gold in them there hills”
Modern gold seekers swarmed
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It doesn’t get any closer than that. Well maybe it did, but that’s another story. For some, believing in Hell is complicated. To do that, understand that, believing is like a ladder. First you have to believe that God is real. You can ask people who have been healed by God, or saved by God. People, who have a relationship with Him, and believe God has made himself known to them and to millions of others. The secret is to seek God’s face. He’s waiting… to hear from you; to hear you call out to Him. He is waiting to commune with you and form a relationship with you. To call out to the real God is to call out to Jesus Christ…but next time… “Don’t cut it so close!” Pray…
“Jesus, I’m a sinner, who believes You paid the price for me at Calvary. Come into my heart and be my savior. Amen” Accepting Jesus as your Savior and being baptized in water in the name of…“The Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, will go a long way in getting and keeping you on the right track. Finding a good Bible based church and reading the Holy Bible can help with that. It will explain how the true God, sent His Son, to die for you…so, you wouldn’t have to. It’s that lovingly, simply. Or you can suffer the alternative. It’s your
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