Persuasive Essay On Life After High School

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For many years, a question has been ask trillions of times throughout the homes of families.What are you going to do after High School? Everyday you hear many different answers and bunch of different lectures of what you should and what shouldn’t you do. Having many honorable mentions such as Steve Jobs, Dave Thomas, or Kevin Rose shows that college after high school is not the only option. Four-Year Universities are not practical choice for most Americans students after High School because of the lack of preparation for a college education,Student are pressured that having a college degree is the only way to maintaining a stable financial life , and A college degree doesn 't pay off for years . Recent numbers revealed a glaring gap in the nation 's education system: A high school diploma, no matter how recently earned, doesn 't guarantee that students are prepared for college courses. After High School students who tend to lean more to college often fear if there smart enough for college.It doesn’t matter whether students are heading to large public universities, small elite private colleges, or somewhere else. They wonder if they are smart enough to continue the…show more content…
Is College a must right after High School is a daily questions that would be asked throughout homes for many generations and if the students weighs his or her options out correctly the choice could be a major stepping stone to a wishful lifestyle.Opportunities are available almost everywhere in the U.S. College is stressful and take years of preparation, once a student is accepted and admitted your opportunity is up for grabs. The outcomes will tell if the preparation, the influences and the independent choice will lead you in the direction you would like to take after High
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