Process Essay: Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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Many people believe that life doesn’t come easy, and it 's not all sunshine and rainbows. Me, coming from an extreme sports background, tricks never came first try in fact, me learning my first turns on the hill took over weeks of repetition. I still, till this day struggle every time when I learn a new skill. Hours of swearing and constant falling helped me achieve my goal, and man how much more satisfying is the reward when you had to work so much more for it. To overcome these obstacles I look at it as three steps, to understand, to adapt and to prepare for what comes next. I think it is very important to understand that obstacles are only there to make you better, gain some major life skills and that they are not there to bring you down. It is…show more content…
For example, It 's been four hours of trying this new trick and I 'm exhausted but I don 't want to stop until I finally land it. Now the determination is great at this point however, this is going to get you nowhere. I take a break and actually break down what I 'm trying to achieve in simple steps. Next, I make a checklist in my head marking off everything I 've been doing right and what this does is help set priorities on what to work on. After I use this trick that has been passed on through generations of my sport, which I also believe will help in any given situation. I close my eyes and try my absolute best to dream of me accomplishing my goal, landing this godforsaken trick that 's been making me lose hair. I don 't believe in magic but every time I do this it works. Now you 've conquered your rage-inducing goal, and jumped right over that hurdle. It feels great, but don 't think that this is the only time this is going to happen. So you have to prepare, make every obstacle in life easier and easier so you won 't have to deal with and the immense amount of stress each
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