Persuasive Essay On Live Export

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Live export is to shift live animals across the border. Every year, millions of sheep, cattle and goats are exported to the Middle East and South East. Australia is one of the oldest and largest live exporters in the world.The numbers of countries are working with Australia in this occupation. “Year after year the federal government has allowed tens of thousands of Australian animals to be transferred to other countries”(RSPCA 2015). However, Australia's live animal export trade has been damned because of animal cruelty issues. Livestock has to endure the cruel slaughter because of religious ritual. Although many people support live export trade, there is some evidence that this cruel industry should end. There is a widespread belief that export livestock contributed to the development of the Australian economy. In 2013, Australian cattle, sheep and goat exports were valued at $685 million. This figure is 8 % more than in 2012 in spite of the limited cattle. An exporter can earn about $700 for live cattle, $87 for live sheep or $109 for a live goat (5 big benefits the alternatives 2014). On the other hand, recent studies show that this issue is questionable. Live export, in fact, contributed only…show more content…
Where as, many people and organizations say that banning live exports provides a better trade in Australia. Live export can be replaced with the cold meat industry as Australia has many animal welfare problems. Boxed and chilled meat is an alternative method which can bring number of advantages to the economy and society than live export in Australia. Also, the Australian government cannot protect the animal from cruelty because they are not able to circulate a welfare policy in the other countries. In the end, the Australian chilled meat export is becoming more and more popular in the world, even in Muslim countries. Therefore, in my opinion, It is bad and it should be
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