Persuasive Essay On Liver Transplant

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Rough Draft Did you know that the liver in the human body has the potential to regenerate after healing itself? It may seem hard to imagine, but the human body is a powerful thing. However, unfortunately, there are situations where a liver is damaged and cannot make this repair. With these medical cases, liver transplants are necessary. A lengthy wait list exists in America due to liver failure. “More than 16,000 Americans are waiting for a liver transplant, according to federal data from the Organ Procurement and Transport Network. Only 6,000 organs are available a year and nearly 2,000 people will die waiting for one to become available” (Donaldson). The people eligible for a liver transplant is a controversial topic. “Reluctance to perform liver transplantation in alcoholics is based on the fact that alcoholism is frequently considered to be self-inflicted and on fears of harmful post-transplant alcoholism recurrence” (Donckier). Everyone should be able to qualify for a liver transplant with no preferential treatment in regards to alcoholism. Most importantly, everyone deserves to live. Choosing specifically who gets this chance is discriminatory. The liver transplant list should not be unethical in its priority. In fact, Donckier states, “In contrast, ethical principles recommend active treatment of patients, without discrimination, according to the best scientific knowledge” (page # needed). Every patient needs active treatment no matter the reason for

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