Character Analysis: 'I Live For Death !'

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"I live for death, for without Life, Death would not take place!"
So said Harold Bulkmeister, choir leader of the 47th Movement of Hitler Retarded Youth.
Grandma Glockenspiel, an ancient heritage pusher, removed each hanging body slowly but securely, as she waited on Herr Blitzburger to orchestrate perpetual terror amidst the tea ladies in Wing 767.
This World war was a bloody shambles!
Why, only yesterday, Frau Finkelblaggard caught her stocking top on the wire fence as she was aiding two of the prisoners to escape.
The prisoners were, unfortunately, obliterated by the Third Reich patsies and, although Frau Finkelblaggard escaped with her life, she had to spend the remainder of her vacation giving head to ungrateful
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"DOWN OUR WAY" is the heartfelt story of four struggling, complex characters, doing their best to change the world here in the sleepy village of Hoggington, 21st century southern England.
"EPISODE ONE" opens with the local church priest, Father William O 'Reilly, taking confession from lonely spinster Alice Tompkinson.
Father O 'Reilly is tainted with "Tourette 's Syndrome", for his sins............

ALICE :- "Oh, Father, I don 't know how to carry on, I am so unhappy!
I have these constant thoughts of being raped, bound, gagged and horsewhipped, my whole life has been taken over by the urge to sin.
Madness will surely envelop me in due course, what can I do?" FATHER O 'REILLY :- "Alice, you must tell me everything, for fear of your soul being taken by Satan, so that you may begin to rectify this dark malaise, YOU ASSHOLE !!
By confessing, you will not only blow away your unwanted thoughts, you will also once again walk on the side of righteousness, you DESPICABLE STINKING WHORE
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