Persuasive Essay On Lone Wolf Terrorism

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Lone wolf terror attacks have become more dangerous than even leading terror organizations, like ISIS and and Al Qaeda. A Lone wolf terrorist encompasses any act of terror committed by one individual alone, however he/she may act in support of a larger group. LWT attacks are in America are perpetrated by right wing extremists, homegrown jihadist or mentally ill who are denied by society. On June 12th of last year, 29 year old US citizen Omar Mateen shot fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, striping the lives of 50 innocent souls. The gunman dialed 911 about an hour into the shooting, “...I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State" (3 Hours). Obama called it the worst mass shooting in our country’s history (President). This should be a reminder to America of how easy it is to to get a hold of a gun and shoot fire in a school, in a religious sanctuary, a pizza parlor or a gay nightclub. Our country is witnessing more and more senseless acts of violence, from the bomb that took lives of athletes and their families at the 2013 Boston Marathon , from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary when we watched as parents buried their children's little bodies along with their dreams. From the 2015 San Bernardino attack, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood. From Isla Vista, Oak Creek and Aurora to this attack in Orlando just last…show more content…
According to the American Lone Wolf Terrorism Database, between 1950 and 2010 there has only been 59 Lone Wolf attacks, that is one attack per year. However, over just these last 6 years there have been 36 attacks, meaning approximately 6 attacks every year in America (FRONTLINE). We are seeing such drastic growth in lone wolf terrorism due to the difficulty of the ability to halt the planning of such attacks, the rise of social media and the web but most importantly the fact that our country is targeting the wrong
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