Persuasive Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” several boys crash from a plane onto an uninhabited island. In the beginning only two boys named, Piggy and Ralph discover each other. They recall that there was more children on the plane, and decided to call a meeting. During this first meeting they picked who was the chief, and Ralph was chosen. However, Ralph did not plan carefully how their new society would work, and did not create laws or rules. The children all soon discover that humans are inherently evil, and when there is no laws or rules will become savage.

When the boys first land, Piggy and Ralph had planned what to do together, however as soon as Ralph has higher power he neglects Piggy. Ralph knows Piggy does not appreciate being …show more content…

Ralph decides that building a fire was the best option in case a ship came and sees the smoke, allowing the children to be rescued. However, Jack disagrees, he thinks hunting is more important, causing the evil within Ralph to come out again. Ralph while watching Jack being exhilarated about his bloody kill from a pig, Ralph becomes angry while arguing and Ralph states “ You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might have gone home--”(Golding 57). Ralph shows hows infuriated he is about Jack, and that he is becoming crueler as time goes by. This also helps prove that people including Ralph, are inherently evil. However, Ralph is not the only one who is beginning to show their evil side. The children decided to call another meeting after the younger one keep saying there is a beast. Piggy was talking when the children kept interrupting, finally Piggy states “I’ve got the conch! (represents who can talk)” said Piggy indignantly “Ralph-- they ought to shut up, oughtn’t they? You shut up, you littluns (referring to younger children)!” (Golding 68). Piggy although normally kind, shows his evil within himself, shouting cruelly at the younger children. As time continues to pass all the children begin to show their evil, savage

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