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Loren Blackford is a volunteer from New York. She, like the others on this short list, enjoy volunteering for a certain cause. Particularly, Loren likes to help on the topics of climate change and environmental preservation. However, she states that, “for others, it’s about the engagement of young people, committed to environmental justice in their own backyards” (Blackford). This is the case for many others; some want to help the big picture with climate change solutions, and other volunteers just want to help out their neighborhood. Enter Bob Heil, a resident of California. He is intrigued by actions, both politically and environmentally. Heil finds interest in learning new things about the world where the government and nature meet, creating new opportunities for volunteers, politicians, and environmentalists alike. Heil also notices the “ground troops” in most nature-based charities and how they are constantly striving and helping to make a difference in both the United States’ wilderness and government (Heil). Heil hopes to encourage more and more environmental clubs to be involved politically and make a difference. Chuck Frank is a volunteer worker from Illinois. Chuck often has a seat at the table, as he is commonly found in one of the highchairs of volunteer work. Because of this, Frank has received way more opportunity than the other volunteers and encourages young environmentalists to join a nearby club (Frank). He has climbed the ranks over the years, and is now

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