The Ad Council Thesis

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Whether it is love from a friend, a partner, or a family member, most people crave for love and human connection. George Sand, a French novelist once said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” This quote reveals the importance we assign to the feeling of love. Love is one of the greatest feelings a person can experience throughout their lifetime. Love can be found in different ways for different people, yet in today’s American society people tend to let labels get in the way and place judgment upon people who are different. The Ad Council is A private nonprofit organization, that creates campaigns around public issues to try and create a change in society (Ad). The Ad Council created an effective argument that love…show more content…
A crucial part of whether someone’s argument is effective or not, is the way they get their message across and how well that’s accomplished. The Ad Council did this by creating a respectful tone and atmosphere. This respectful atmosphere was accomplished by allowing people to enjoy and view their argument instead of shoving it down the viewer’s throats. By being respectful towards those viewing and participating in the ad, the Ad Council was able to express their argument without forcefully trying to make people believe in what they were saying. Studies have shown that the more respectful you are to someone the more they will listen to you. For example, if your mom screams at you to clean up your room versus asking you nicely, most people would rather go complete the task if asked nicely. The way the Ad Council set everything up respectfully, people were much more likely to take into account what they were saying. The Ad Council did more than just make an ad to show that love has no labels. They introduced an argument beautifully by incorporating images, phrases, and real-life people to show why everyone should be able to love each other no matter our differences are. This argument was effective because the rhetorical devices they used all coincided with each other. The skeletons evoked emotion which flowed into the repetitive words to make their statement clear. Throughout all
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