Persuasive Essay On Low Teacher Pay

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Whether a teacher shall turn out to be the hero of a child 's life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. While some people believe that teachers are overpaid and make up for their monetary pay in benefits, It has been believed by some, that for the work that teachers do and how much they shape our society that they should be paid much more than they are now. The amount of time teachers spend in the classroom preparing for the week and planning lessons and even to help students extend past school release time and the time that they are paid for. Most of the time work continues to go home with them. Teachers do this to assure that their students are prepared and can succeed.
Retaining and rewarding teachers will continue to boost the
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It is hard to attract good teachers to poor performing schools for a few reasons, a couple being the low pay, poor working conditions, and the behavior that they have to deal with most of the time. It is understood that a pay raise cannot just be thrown at people with no effort or opportunity cost. Matthew Miller agrees when he writes that, “job security and tenure would be traded for this raise. The swap here ought to be that you take a risk with your employment and you don 't have to be retained if you 're not good at what you do. If you are good and you get retained, you get paid a whole lot more money” (A New Deal For Teachers). This is a great idea for raising teacher pay. This raise should not be just thrown at any and everyone, teachers must be required to earn it and prove that they deserve the money that they are receiving. The opportunity to raise pay by putting in the great effort to help students succeed would just be an additional bonus towards making a difference in someone 's life and will make the field of education much more desirable than it is at the
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