Supersize Me Research Paper

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Making lunch food healthier is not as hard as it seems , there are many ways to improve the way we eat .We the students need to have healthier meals not just junk food instead of the school selling us chips , nachos and chili fries we can make alternatives like salads or fruit bowls . One proposition would be ,instead of having frozen foods; would be for the lunch ladies to actually get a chance to cook the foods we eat.This and actually going out to the district and demanding a change in our lunch food if no one complains there will never be a change in what is being given to us . By actually trying to do these strategies can help and change our lives drastically , like our health. In the film “Super Size Me”, the guy doing the experiment in which he eats Mcdonalds for a whole month ,goes to some schools to investigate what kids are being given during lunch time in one of the schools he went to they were being fed “junk” they only ate greasy and sugary foods which as we all know is bad for you. In the other school he visited was completely different they actually got real foods that were actually cooked by the lunch ladies. In our school , we are being sold chips and other unhealthy foods. Instead of selling us this there can be an…show more content…
I personally have had an experience that changed my life. It began when I started consuming lots of Hot Cheetos and well we all know that they aren't good for us.I ate them daily, one day I began to feel a horrible pain over my stomach in which I ended up in the emergency room it turned out to be me over eating Hot Cheetos , had gotten to the point where it began to damage my stomach.I had to drink medicine for over 3 months , ever since then have I haven't ate them because of that horrible pain and feeling it caused me. In order to become healthy we have to be the change we actually want and well being healthier at school can be one of
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