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There have been many disasters in the world whether natural disasters or man-made. They have all caused some kind of destruction on Earth and we wonder what caused these disasters; especially the man-made ones. A few man-made disasters are the Titanic’s ship disaster, the molasses tank explosion in Boston, and the St. Francis Dam flood in California. The earth’s temperature did have an effect on these disasters something we can’t control but they had multiple human errors. Such as lack of technology, human ambition to have more, and lack of taking enough precautions. Now, how do all these man-made errors have an effect on these disasters? Let’s begin with the Titanic ship disaster on April 14th at 11:40 p.m, in which the ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. The ship sunk within three hours carried 2,224 passengers and crew, and more than 1,500 perished. Some people believe that the Titanic was just set to face their doom.…show more content…
So we do know that the weather did have an impact on this tragedy because in 1912 a barrier of icebergs formed in the North Atlantic at the boundary of the cool Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream waters, they were unusually warm since the Caribbean reached high temperatures in the Caribbean. This intersection is exactly where the Titanic hit the iceberg. Frigid water also created a thermal inversion that interfered with Morse code signal lamp transmissions between the sinking Titanic and ships nearby that could’ve helped them. Now how was this a man-made disaster being the lack of resources? If the ship had binoculars they

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