Essay On Fast Food In Schools

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It is an essential part of life to eat in order to survive, but this does not mean people are eating the right for their bodies. In the recent years, there has been an huge outbreak of increase in obesity, type two diabetes, and heart diseases. Unfortunately, there has been really little progress in improving this problem. However, this can be prevented with excellent education and eating healthy. Schools need to make health classes mandatory and cafeterias need to serve freshly made food because it can help reduce obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in the future. Education is a major influence to how a child develops in the future. Schools need to promote healthy eating starting in kindergarten because that is the start of the developmental…show more content…
According to Brody, she talks with a doctor who claims, “‘ (...) very few children are born obese,’ but most American children grow up in an obesogenic environment” (Brody 20). Children go to school starting a young age. By simply just changing the school environment to serving healthier food, children will grow up eating healthy. Alice Waters and Katrina Herons mention, “ But the food distributed by the National School Lunch Program contains some of the same ingredients found in fast food, and the resulting meals routinely fail to meet basic nutritional standards (...) feed millions of American schoolchildren, a great many of them from low-income households” (Herons 4). The cafeteria needs to be the first thing to change about healthy eating. The American government knows that obesity is a enormous threat to their country, yet they fail to prevent it. They fund money to schools, but they do not do anything to secure the idea that the food schools are buying are extremely unhealthy towards their students. These authors also declare, “ Parent advocacy groups like Better School Food have rejected the National School Lunch Program and have turned instead to local farmers for fresh alternatives (...) Schools here in Berkeley, for example, continue to use U.S.D.A commodities, but cook food from scratch (...)” ( Herons 5). Cooking fresh food is healthier and will help reduce the risk of child
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