Persuasive Essay On Mars

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The great powers such as China, Russia, and the United States have long been competing to send humans to Mars for a long time. The unceasing quest of humanity toward this unknown world of the universe is truly marvelous. According to the New York Times Upfront journal, NASA sent one of the twin astronauts to space to see what impact humans have had in space for a long time. The astronaut who returned a year later was two inches taller and younger. This NASA study is a preparatory step for a human Mars exploration mission by 2030s that will take at least 18 months. Although it must be an incredible mission for the future of mankind, it needs to be carefully considered. First of all, it is like gambling to send human beings to Mars for a long time without sufficient research and technological advancement of the universe and life, the most unknown fields of modern science. There are still too many unknowns on the earth, especially viruses or bacteria. The knowledge and technologies to study these living things are still developing. In this situation, sending humans who are susceptible to disease to Mars without sufficient information may be the most reckless and dangerous challenge. We can learn from the results of recent chemical weapons use in Syria. Additionally, AIDS, Avian…show more content…
In an extreme assumption, if an astronaut on Mars is infected with an unknown disease and return to Earth, it is far too risky than the benefits of space exploration. If we are not ready for the exploration of humanity in this uncertain area, it is right to wait until we are fully prepared. Furthermore, even though new challenges are important, solving the urgent and challenging problems facing the earth is a
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